Why I Write

This is officially my first blog post using the new Blogger through Google.  I’m excited.  I have kept a blog before, but I thought I would give this new blogger a try before I advocate for my students to have the same access through their school issued Gmail accounts.

Why do I think blogging is important?

I enjoy blogging, and not just because I’m an English teacher.  I’m a “thinker.”  I reflect…a lot.  Every time I have a few free minutes, I like to reflect on moments – teaching moments, parenting moments, coaching moments, etc.  But what I like about writing is it forces me to organize those moments of reflection and go deeper.  Rather than just recall a particular moment from earlier that day, writing forces me to recall and almost replay it in slow motion, analyze it, and reflect.

So this new blog is to serve that purpose.  It’s a space for parents, teachers, students, and anyone else out there to understand what makes me tick…and maybe leave a comment or two in the process.

Enjoy, because I will.

Mr. Bormann
English Rocks!


4 responses to “Why I Write

  1. I feel a tad bit lost here, I don't usually write about specific moments. If you're writing a story that didn't actually happen, can you reflect on the moments that never really existed?


  2. First of all, blogging isn't generally fiction, but even if it was fiction is a really good way to reflect on moments in your own life even if you are changing or exaggerating them. You can't write fiction without having experiences to write about.


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