Grinding Away

The clock is ticking…

We are closing in on the last days of school.  The weather is becoming even more temperate and alluring. The outdoors beckon us to abandon indoor activities…unfortunately, including school.  The shift in weather also brings on a greater sense of apathy.  At about the two or three week mark, I begin to hear the question, “Do we have to?”

The final weeks are hard for teachers too.  Getting projects graded, attending graduations, making semester finals, etc.   The best way to describe it for everyone is a grind.  

Catching some King Crab…

I use to be an avid watcher of The Deadliest Catch.  For awhile, it was the #1 show on all of cable TV.  The premis? Put a camera crew on a boat and capture six men attempting to catch the elusive King Crab.  Why is the show so popular? King Crab fishing is considered one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.  A crew of roughly six men battle massive Bering Sea waves, freezing temperatures, sleep deprivation, verbal and physical fights, and the real possibility of death to make some serious money in about…3 weeks.  Worth watching?  I think so.  But the word you hear used the most is grind.

Grind is NOT referring to the style of dancing that teachers prevent during the prom.  Think of the old days when people had to grind wheat into barley using a grinding stone.  It refers to real…hard…arduous…work.  No work = no results.  The product is a direct result of the amount of work put into it.  Hence the old adage, keep your nose to the grind stone.

Below is a clip from the show.

School = Crab Fishing?

The last three weeks of school feels a lot like a 40-hour grind on a King Crab boat.  Sleep gets put on the back burner to finish that project or grade those papers.  Food becomes a want, not a necessity.  And unfortunately, when everyone can be a little on edge, people can become more “snippy” with one another.  Is death possible?  It feels like it…although I doubt it.

The hardest thing to do when stress begins to mount is stay positive – internally with yourself and externally with others.  Let’s try to stay positive all around.  And the best way to do that…

…high-fives for everyone.

Mr. Bormann
English Rocks!


One response to “Grinding Away

  1. Mr. Bormann – Even though it is NOT the end of the school year for me yet (still three weeks to go) I hear you on that daily grind. We have had a number of special events that require set-up, technology support, and all around general help that I have been a part of. What a grind for sure! I do hear they pay well on the King Crab boats for those long shifts though…


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