A Technology Buffet

As of today, I have completed my first week of grad school – and what a week it has been.  As any of you who know me, I LOVE technology.  And this past week’s assignments have been a euphoria for me.  My favorite assignment that I had to do is below.

Twitterpated for Twitter

I have been able to dabble further into technology areas that I already have experience with (i.e. photography, videography, and social media).  But a new area of discovery for me has been Twitter.  For months now I have merely been a spectator in the world of Twitter.  There are many others like me: make an account and just follow people.  I tweeted a few times, but nothing life shattering.

Then, as a requirement for Dr. Z (@zeitz), we were to now begin tweeting.  For an English teacher who expects full sentences, this has been like learning a foreign language.  Thankfully, Dr. Z provided some nice links to help comprehend Twitter jargon.  Now I’m bilingual…I think.

Hungry Anyone?

From there we also have to read blogs written by other educators that are using technology in academics.  The amount of information is unbelievable!  Honestly, no one person’s brain can take in all of the information that is presented.  But what I’ve found is these blogs are a lot like an a la carte of technology strategies.  Comb over the title and subjects of the blogs, see one that pertains to you, and dive in.  Come back for seconds even – overindulging yourself is encouraged.  The best part…no calories…just ideas.

Now that you have tried something new, share the goodness via Twitter.  Throw it out there for someone else to chew on.

As I continue to poor over these blogs, more ideas begin stirring.  In a later post I will be talking about my three main tech goals for next year in my classroom.  Stay Tuned.

In the meantime, here are some blogs I’m following right now:


2 responses to “A Technology Buffet

  1. Thank you for sharing your current blog interests. I too could not get over the wealth of information available via blogs. I am glad to hear I am not the only newcomer to twitter. I must admit twitter to me always seemed anothe silly social media outlet, but oh was I wrong. I realize now that I am just beginning to see the collaboration and resources it can provide. I am excited to learn more and to now have the tools that blogging and twitter are making available to me.


  2. I like how you are sharing your experience with your class Mr. Bormann! What a great thing for them to see you learning new things! I am also struggling with Twitter and its use—but as with all new techy tools, I am sure I will see it's value as some point! I truly enjoyed your mediography as well, and think it really showed your personality!


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