Introduce The Crucible with a QR Code Scavenger Hunt #edchat #engchat

Go ahead! Try scanning this QR code with your mobile device and QR scanning app.

In an earlier post I wrote about how I used QR codes to create a crime scene from Huck Finn.

Now we’re on to The Crucible.  The play offers many opportunities for teaching in an English classroom.  But every year when I teach it, students quickly become confused by all of the characters that present themselves early in the play.  So I decided to take a different approach this year.


Since the characters are the hardest to nail down, I decided to start with them BEFORE we read the play.  But I didn’t want to just talk about the characters.  I thought this would be an opportunity to use a QR code scavenger hunt.

The Preparation

  1. By using, I created QR codes that have brief descriptions of the main characters – 15 in total.
  2. I printed these QR codes.
  3. Hang them up in various places around the school.

Let the Hunt Begin

  1. Students search for the QR Codes (CLICK HERE to access the codes that I created and download for yourself).
  2. They use Scanner to scan the code.
  3. When the character description pops up, students copy the text and paste it into Notability (or another app of their choice).
  4. When all were scanned, they use Notability (or even paper and pencil) and begin creating a visual organizer of some kind to show…
    1. How the characters are related?
    2. Who lives in what household?
    3. Who doesn’t get along with whom and why?
For fun, I even added small prizes to the top three finishers in each class.
The visual organizer will continue to be added to throughout the course of the first act, but at least the students have a more solid base to build upon as they begin reading, and they must construct their own understanding of the text clippings.

Final Thoughts

QR codes can be used dozens of different ways.  The scavenger hunt is a popular one.  I know my juniors certainly enjoyed it!
Have fun with text!
Mr. Bormann
English Rocks!
P.S.  How have you used a QR Code scavenger hunt?  Tell me in the comments below.



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