Epic Holocaust Writing Project #1 #engchat

This is the first of several posts that will talk about an epic Holocaust writing project that we are embarking on.  Too much for just one post, so enjoy.

A project has fallen into my lap.  It’s real-world.  It’s life-teaching.  It’s academically driven.  It utilizes technology.   It’s the kind of project that teachers dream of.

The Discovery

I’m friends with another teacher on Facebook who teaches at a middle school three hours away in Muscatine, Iowa.  She was a roommate of my wife’s in college, and she went through the same English Ed program I did.  However, I haven’t talked to her since our days at Iowa State.  That is until she posted on Facebook about a project that she and her 8th graders are embarking on: raise 6 million pennies to represent the 6 million lives lost in the Holocaust.  That’s when the light bulb went off.

I messaged her and asked if we could help raise money and donate it to them to help their cause.  She welcomed the idea with excitement.

Presenting the Idea

I took the idea to my 8th graders.  I explained that the other class read the Diary of Anne Frank (as did we this year), and they are looking to raise $60,000 dollars or 6 million pennies.  The money would be donated to a local charity in Muscatine.  The kids’ eyes lit up and instantly became as excited as I did.

We knew this was for a good cause.  It’s a project that exemplifies what Anne Frank believed – “That despite all evil, everyone has some good in them.”  What better way to spread that message than two 8th grades coming together for a good cause?  Will there be others?

But questions soon arose…How do we organize such an effort?  How do we spread the message in our own community?  How can I tie this in academically?  How do I grade this?!  

In the following posts to come, I will share the answers to these questions.

To be continued…

Mr. Bormann
English Rocks!

P.S.  Check out our YouTube channel for video updates on on our progress and technology being used.


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