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The TIC Conference was held this last week in Dubuque, IA.  It was at the Grand River Center located right on the Mississippi River.  The two day conference featured keynote speakers Vicki Davis (@coolcatteacher) and Eric Sheninger (@NMHS_Principal) and brought in 750 area educators in just its third year!

The Grand River Center right on the Mississippi River
I was fortunate enough to present both days.  But this post is in regards to one presentation in particular.

iPads in the English Classroom

On day two of the conference, I led a session titled “iPads in the English Classroom.”  Really, the session focused more in literacy than anything else.  I was hesitant to even name the session what I did, because when you hear “iPad” and “English,” you assume the session will be about a bunch of apps for that content area.  And I wanted my session to be anything BUT that.

TPaCK and Bloom UNITE!

I started the session with the TPaCK framework.  I wanted the educators to see how there are three types of knowledge an educator can have: Content, Pedagogy, and Technology.  More and more, college education programs are realizing the technology piece of effective teaching and incorporating that into their program.
From there I introduced a revised version of Bloom’s Taxonomy.  The purpose here is to show that if I simply threw out apps at the teachers and gave demos, I would only be reaching the first two levels.  Using an app for skill and drill is NOT how I use it in my classroom, and I wanted the educators in my session to maybe start thinking the same way.
So I combined the two!
This video is basically the introduction to that session.

Think Like a TPaCK Teacher…

From there, I gave the educators a chance to put into practice what we have just discussed.  I provided a Google Doc that laid out two possible classroom scenarios for Reading and two for Writing.  I also laid out my go-to apps for both areas.  I then had them work in small groups, choose a scenario, and then reply with what apps they would use to tackle that problem area.  If they didn’t know about a particular app, then they could explore it further with the embedded links.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW THAT DOC!

My Point is This…

The point that I wanted to leave my attendees is simply this…using iPads in a classroom is more than just apps!  It’s about using the device to solve teaching conundrums that have plagued education and maybe brought it to a standstill at some points.  It’s about using the device to reach those higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy.
It’s about utilizing the device to its fullest potential…so the students can reach theirs!
Mr. Bormann
English Rocks!

P.S. Do you use iPads in YOUR classroom? If so, how do your students use them to reach the higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy?  Or, perhaps after reading this post, how would you like to start?  Leave comments below.

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