The Last Hurdle #eits12

When preparing for the 400 meter hurdles in track, my coach would tell me, “The last hurdle is always the hardest.  It feels like you have a 400lbs. gorilla on your back when trying to go over.”  That analogy has been applied to several aspects of my life, but none like grad school

Reflecting Back…

Since this isn’t a race, I do have a little time to reflect back on my learning.  This blog serves just that.  Over the past year and a half I have seen my posts shift from a focus on the technological tools and how to use them, to more of a focus on a shift in pedagogy.  Look back at my previous posts to see.

The LAST Hurdle…

This semester will be my last for grad school…but it certainly won’t be the easiest.  In order to graduate I have:

  1. 3 credits of classwork
  2. A portfolio of my work from the last two years.
  3. A 1 credit course to complete a project.
  4. AND, the 30-page Lit Review (which needs to include 30 sources).
The gorilla feels as if it just doubled in size.


Also as part of my induction into the last semester, I have used a new app that has really changed how I view storyboarding as well as video.
TouchCast is an app that allows the user to overlay live vApps over recorded video.  The feature I really like is there is a built in teleprompter.  
It took me a while to figure it out begin thinking how I can put this pieces together.  I think my first is still rough, but it’s worth looking at for classroom use.
Here is the video, but in case it’s not interactive, go to my original posting on

Final Thoughts…

Although this semester will be the most challenging aspect of my life thus far, it’s like my track also said, “Be sure to lean hard into that hurdle and really attack it.”

Mr. Bormann
English Rocks!

P.S. What has been the “gorilla on your back” when it comes to teaching?  What have you pushed to learn more about your profession?


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