Start Flipping Your Environment #flipclass #edtech

The home page to my Flipped Learning website.

The home page to my Flipped Learning website.

This past May, I graduated with my Master in Instructional Technology from the University of Northern Iowa.  As a side note, the two-year program was all online and lead by Dr. Leigh Zeitz, nationally known instructional tech guru and enthusiast. But before committing to the program, I stumbled upon the flipped classroom concept. It sparked my intrigue, but I never had the chance to really look into it.

Intense Research

Once grad school started, I had ample opportunity to research topics of my choosing.  I continued to be drawn towards the flipped learning concept.  I delve into blog posts, videos, books, and I even hung out with educators that were already flipping.  I soon found myself implementing flipped techniques and concepts into my own classroom and saw a true shift away from me and a focus on the students.

The Pros

As part of our final course work, we were required to write a 30+ page literature review over a topic of our choosing. I’m sure you can guess mine.  But the title ended up being The Affordances of Flipped Learning and its Effects of Student Engagement and Achievement.  Through reviewing 19 different studies, I gained a much deeper insight to what flipped learning can truly provide…

  • Student perception of class engagement was significantly higher.
  • An increase in achievement was found in every study.  Some were considered insignificant, while others were more significant.
  • Through more hands on activities, students operate at higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy while in the classroom with the teacher.

The Steps to Flipped Learning

In conjunction with my literature, I was required to create…well…SOMEthing based on my research.  The exact requirements were very vague, but soon enough, an idea emerged.  Why not create a website that walks teachers through the same steps taken by the researchers to shift from a traditional classroom to one that is more flipped or blended?  HERE IS THE RESULT.  It’s still considered beta, but I’m looking for suggestions.  My goal is to create something that teachers can actually use.  If others deem it worthy, than I’m willing to even pay for a domain name. You can also download my literature review from the site.

Final Thoughts

Moving towards a more flipped or blended environment truly is empowering for the students and teacher.  The work that is needed to successfully flip is worth it!

Jarod Bormann
EdTech Rocks!

P.S. Are you a flipped educator?  What kind of positive or negative experiences have you had?  Leave a comment below.

P.S.S. Here is a Google Doc that I recently used for a session at the Technology Integration Conference (TIC) in this past June.  Feel free to add to it!



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