Focus on Content by Chromecasting in a Chromebook 1:1 #edtech #1to1

When I taught in a 1:1 iPad environment, I had to teach differently in order to utilize the devices to their potential.  I started to move away from worksheets and textbooks to more engaging activities, but my focus was still on the content.  The tools being used were allowing me and the students to focus on content as much as we could, rather than training them to do ineffective worksheets and turn them…or else it’s a zero.

Putting Content in the Front of the Classroom…

Then came along AirPlay with an iOS update. – game changer! By downloading the Reflection App (because I didn’t have an Apple TV), myself AND the students were able to wirelessly reflect to the my projector. This completely changed my instruction. No longer was I the one that needed to be in front of the room, now it could be the content. Whether it was me projecting something while I was across the room or students projecting their content, the curriculum and content – or as I like to think, the learning – took center stage.

Shifting Students Attention…

By shifting the attention away from me and more on the content, students began to understand its importance. I also became less focused on training, and more focused on teaching.

Ready, Set, Cast!

Now, if you’re in a 1:1 classroom with Chromebooks, you can harness the same power. The video I created below (lengthy, but thorough) lays out how to set this up running and why it can be important. 

 Keep in Mind…

  • Need to install the Google Play Extension for Chrome.
  • Students can cast only one tab at a time.
  • Check your projector to see if it’s HDMI or just VGA.
  • Must have a power source for the Chromecast.
  • Can not see mouse movements while casting.
  • The Chromecast and the Chromebook must be on the same wireless network.


Some teachers/Tech Coordinators/Administrators can become concerned about allowing students to project content, especially if one chooses to abuse this by projecting something inappropriate. This was brought to my attention by fellow Tech Integrationist Jonathan Wylie (@jonathanwylie). See his point and my response below.


Final Thoughts…

In my opinion, wireless projecting is an instructional game changer.  Focus less on training students and let the content and learning take center stage.

Jarod Bormann
EdTech Rocks!

P.S. Are you a teacher who uses wireless projection in your classroom? What instructional advantages have you seen?

P.S.S. If you are the IT person in your school district, check out this conversation on Google+ to see how it might work in your school’s infrastructure.  


5 responses to “Focus on Content by Chromecasting in a Chromebook 1:1 #edtech #1to1

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  3. Thank you for this information! I have been trying to find the right connector so that I could use a Chrome cast with our Chromebooks at school! I had tried several different connectors to no avail!
    We down at Springville thank you!


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