SMART Notebook Maestro Changes the Way You Use Your Existing SMART Board #edtech #ipaded

News came out a week ago that SMART has upped its game. On Oct. 31 it announced a new add-on for SMART Notebook 14 called Maestro. I first read about the news at TekRevue, but decided to give it a run to see what it’s about. Check out my video to see how it works and why this could change instruction in the classroom.

Instructional Ideas…

Like most apps or tech setups, you can only wirelessly project what is on your mobile device. But now, with Maestro, your SMART Board and iPad (with the SMART Notebook App) can synchronously control one another. Why is this great? Imagine you have a SMART Notebook file loaded on the board. A student is at the board interacting with the lesson – let’s say circling the verbs in a passage, for example. The student circles most but forgets a few, or even circled a few incorrectly. Now you, the teacher, can correct, reteach, or redirect student learning by making the necessary marks from your iPad in the back of the room. What difference does that make? I’m glad you asked.

No More “Sage on Stage”…

We have heard over and over the reference of the teacher as a “Sage on Stage” with all eyes on them as they dole out knowledge. But the process of wireless projection is changing that. Wireless projection is allowing teachers to step away from the front of the classroom and allowing content and REAL learning to take center stage (see references to this in a previous post of mine).

Too Good to be True…

You thought right, there is a catch. You have to have three things:

  1. SMART Notebook 14 (prices vary, but expect $100-$150)
  2. SMART Notebook app for iPad ($6.99)
  3. SMART Notebook Maestro Add-On (FREE, but requires Notebook 14…NOT Notebook 11).

In order to get the most bang for your buck here, you need to be operating within SMART Notebook. Obviously you cannot control your iPad with your SMART Board if you’re browsing the web and such.

Final Thoughts…

If you’re an educator that can get your hands on SMART Notebook 14 AND you have an iPad, this add-on is a must. The instructional changes that can occur in the classroom is a huge plus. Heck, anything to get the teacher away from the front of the classroom is a huge plus and should be taken advantage of.

Jarod Bormann

EdTech Rocks!


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